Sunday, May 03, 2009

Scared to be bothered

Some time back I saw an accident in the middle of a road and I was sitting in my company bus. Apparently it was a bike accident and i could see a body on the road with loads of blood next to it. I could see many souls there .. but not a single soul at the same time. I saw it hardly for 10 - 15 seconds but a few thoughts starting going through my head.... I was thinking what if I was not in a bus. What would I have done or NOT done.....

The walk on the road
Takes him across twists and turns
I am not sure where it will lead him
But am not bothered for sure

The screams in his head
Makes him kill and burn
I am not sure if he is sane or insane
But am not bothered for sure

The wail of the child
Makes him stop and run
I am not sure if he is weak or strong
But am not bothered for sure

The blood on his hand
Shows him his pain and strain
I am not sure if he will live or die
But am not bothered for sure

The sorrow for the dead
Makes them howl and shed tears
I am not sure why does it matter
But am not bothered for sure

The blowing of the sirens
Make me go deaf and turn aside
I am not sure if am I empty or dead
But am not bothered for sure

Why should I bother?
Cause all it brings is trouble and pain
But my soul doesn’t listen
It shakes me, it snares me
I know I am bothered, but am too scared to say

-- Vinny, 15.03.2009

Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Sincere Smile

Some times in life you come across people that are so genuine that it is nigh impossible for you to believe that it is possible for such people to exist. Your mind and heart goes through a continuous conflict on the possibilty of mere existance of such people. I have been fortunate enough to know one such person for last few months and as an ode to that special and genuine person here are a few lines that I have written.

(Dedicated to this Kid)

“A Sincere Smile”

I have always seen her smile,
And marveled on its design

The endless hours of rumination,
Have failed my perception

All that my core understands,
Is the irrefutable evidence of her virgin mind

What is it that bonds us?
Sincere to say, is the sincerity of her smile
--- Vinny 17.12.08

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Carcass of a relationship

I am not sure why I wrote this. I guess one of the reasons is that one of my friends is just going through a separation after 4 years of relationship. His reasons are different but somehow when such things happen they do pull you down somewhat. Having said this, I still feel that the best way to overcome such things is to be strong, positive, and not being vindictive. Our mind is funny – at one hand it somewhere leads you on a path to hurt but it can also help you to overcome deepest of wounds as long as we want to. When things fall apart it is good to Smile and just move on.

“Carcass of a relationship”

The scream of the memory and the ashes of his dreams
Haunted his nights and burnt him from inside.

The battle in his mind and the execution of emotions
Defeated his innocence and made his soul cry.

The carcass of a relationship and the treason of promises
Crucified his trust and shook his cores inside.

The mirage of happiness and the reality of betrayal
Pierced his heart and ended his Life

--- Vinny 06.09.07

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Breaking the silence of silence

They say, The roar of the lion
Breaks the silence of the wild

They say, The tick of the clock
Breaks the silence of time

They say, The ring of the bell
Breaks the silence of prayer

They say, The wail of a child
Breaks the silence of motherhood

They say, The rise of arrogance
Breaks the silence of wisdom

They say, The fall of trust
Breaks the silence of friendship

They say, The beat of the heart
Breaks the silence of Life

They say, The fall of the tears
Breaks the silence of pain

They say, The sob of a heart
Breaks the silence of happiness

All I say, The rise of love
Breaks the silence of silence

-- Vinny 05.09.07

Monday, September 03, 2007

Am learning to live

Couple of week’s back I went through loads of mixed feelings। Some one who is the reason I exist was going under the cut and I could not be there to hold his hands or even just be there. Loads of reasons which were all futile but all were just eating away my head. These lines are just my way to say. Thanks for being there for me and for forgiving me for not being there for you when you needed me the most.

I held your hands
And learnt to walk

I heard your words
And learnt to speak

I ate from your hands
And learnt to eat

I felt your embrace
And learnt to feel

I saw your smile
And learnt to laugh

I saw your anger
And learnt to apologize

I felt your warmth
And learnt to love

I saw your thoughts
And learnt to think

I saw your pain
And learnt to forgive

I saw your sacrifices
And I learnt to give

I tried to live your life
And I am learning to live

--- Vinny 03.09.07